Paramotors, Paragliders, Accessories and Service

We're updating our site, specific Brand and Gear Selection List Coming Soon!  If you need gear ASAP, please contact us! 

While powered paragliding is one of, if not the most inexpensive form of powered aviation...let's be honest, it's still not cheap. 


We recognize that each pilot will have individual gear needs and budget considerations.  We have carefully selected what we offer to provide the best quality for the price.  

We will work closely with you to help you choose the gear the fits your needs.  

We highly recommend NOT purchasing gear prior to lessons.  We know there are some tempting used gear offers out there, but let us help keep you safe.  Whether you choose to buy gear from us, or the open market, we will always offer an honest evaluation based on your needs.

And we all know, some times &*%t happens.  And while we train you to avoid problems, you never know when you dog might chew on your paraglider, or your kids may spill milk on your motor.  If you have any problems with your glider, your paramotor, or any of your gear, we are here to offer support and service!