Fly The Fan Special Events

Fly The Fan hosts tours, events, and special courses throughout the year.  We will update this page soon with our upcoming events.  Can't wait for the update?!  

Paragliding in Monterey, California

Paragliding trip to Monterey! April 20th, 21st

Some of the team from Fly The Fan will be hosting a non powered paragliding trip to Monterey on April 20th, and 21st.  This trip will be great for our students that have reached the level where they are able to kite and launch a paraglider in moderate winds.  If you are just beginning with Fly The Fan, no worries!  We'll get your kiting up to speed so you can join us on the next trip if you like.

These trips are great for powered paragliding students that would like to crossover and add non powered paragliding to their skill set.  Monterey and  Sand City are great places to fly!

And for those focusing on paramotoring, and general kiting, we will also be flying in Cayucos this weekend, so we'll see you there!

Contact us for more info on this, or other trips!


Kite XPO Fly Over

In Honor of Kinsley Thomas Wong April 14th- UPDATE

UPDATE:  The fly over was a success, what an amazing day.  Check out our blog for pictures and more!

The team from Fly The Fan will be hosting a fly-over of the Kite Xpo in Pismo Beach next weekend.   The exact day and time are not yet determined.  But we will post details here as it gets closer, or feel free to contact us for more info!

This is a memorial flight of our good friend, and mentor, Kinsley Thomas Wong.   We miss you bro.

Check back soon for more...