"Are you the guys flying around, with the fans on your back?!"

Yes, we are! (But NOT in Cayucos.  We do not teach Paramotoring in Cayucos.)   And we invite you to join us! 

Fly The Fan is a resource for Powered Paragliding on the Central Coast of California, and beyond!  We are located in San Luis Obispo County, but we do offer lessons in other locations! If you are interested in NON-powered paragliding, please check out our sister site at www.WingEnvy.com.   

Powered Paragliding

Tandem Powered Paragliding

Joe Seitz taking a student on a powered paragliding flight in Cayucos, California.

Tandem Powered Paragliding is a great introduction to the sport.  Fly with one of our USPPA rated instructors!

About Us

Joe Seitz demonstrating his paraglider ground handling skiils.  Learn to paraglide!

Meet the team! We are a highly experienced instructors, with a love for flying.  We have a deep background in both powered paragliding, and free flight paragliding. 



From complete beginners, to very experienced paragliders pilots looking to try powered paragliding, we have the training solutions that will fit your needs.

The Sky is Calling!

Don't want to waste any more time? Ready to go fly?  Well, we're ready too, contact us now to set up your tandem powered paragliding flight, or solo flight instruction now!